Ireland, 2022

Director: Claire Dix; screenplay: Ailbhe Keogan; cinematography: Narayan van Maele; production design: Lauren Kelly; editing: Tony Cranstoun, Alec Moore; music: Matthew Nolan, Stephen Shannon; producer: Roisín Geraghty; production company: Blinder Films. Irish location: Dublin

Running time: 95’

With Barry Ward, Liam Carney, Maureen Beattie, Erika Roe, Mark O’Halloran, Tony Doyle


Former addict Leon loves his best friend Iver more than anything else in the world. Iver is the reason he’s clean and romping about the place like an ADHD puppy. So when Iver gets a terminal diagnosis and decides to leave this earth early, Leon’s not about to let him go without a fight, even if that means being a royal pain in the arse. He forces Iver to agree to one last day in Dublin, hoping to convince him to live. Will he succeed?


Claire Dix is an award-winning filmmaker working in both fiction and documentary film. Her debut feature documentary, Broken Song (2013), won the Audience Award at the Dublin International Film Festival in 2013, and in more recent times, her shorts have garnered several awards on the international festival circuit. In 2017 she made the short film Take Me Swimming in collaboration with writer Ailbhe Keogan and producer Roisin Geraghty. With the same creative team, she realized her debut feature film Sunlight.