Ireland, 2023

Director: Lisa Mulcahy; screenplay: Elisabeth Gooch; cinematography: Eleanor Bowman; production design: Caroline Hill; costumes: Joanne O’Brien; editing: Weronika Kaminska; music: Aza Hand; casting: Amy Rowan; producers: Ruth Carter, Hugo Grumbar, Helen Murray, Dearbhla Regan; production company: Blue Ink Films. Irish location: Ardgillan Castle, Co. Dublin.

Running time: 89’

With Agnes O’Casey, David Wilmot, Chris Walley, Holly Sturton, Kieran Roche, John Olohan, Eleanor Methven

Based on the gothic novel “Uncle Silas” by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu


Ireland, 1864: in an isolated manor, orphaned heiress Maude is forced into the guardianship of her menacing Uncle Silas. Silas is haunted by sinister accusations about his past, though sees the chance of a brighter future as he has the idea to marry Maude to his own feckless son Edward and thereby claim an inheritance he views as rightfully his.
However, sharp Maude refuses to be outwitted.


Lisa Mulcahy is an award-winning feature film and television director. She directed, among other things, the TV series The Clinic (2003-2009), Red Rock (2015, IFTA for best director), Blood (2018), Ridley Road (2022); the features Situation Vacant (2007), Legend of Longwood (2014) and Wasteland (2017). Lies We Tell is her most recent work.