IRISH FILM FESTA 2020 | Short film submissions are open

The 13th IRISH FILM FESTA, which will take place in March 2020 at the Casa del Cinema in Rome, is now open to submissions for short films from Ireland.

Rules & Eligibility

In order to be eligible for IRISH FILM FESTA competition, films must be under 20 minutes in duration and have an Irish producer, director or writer.

Accepted categories are Fiction (all genres), Documentary, and Animation (all techniques).

Entries must be submitted as an online private screener to or as a DVD to

Associazione Culturale ARCHIMEDIA
via Segesta 16
00179 Roma (Italia)

Deadline is January 12th, 2020.
No fee requested. Links to public YouTube videos will not be accepted. DVDs sent by post will not be returned.

Guidelines for Selected Films

Out of all the accepted entries, IRISH FILM FESTA will select – at its sole and absolute discretion – a shortlist of films for the competition. IRISH FILM FESTA will notify all the authors of selected films; not-selected applicants won’t be notified.

Within a week after admission, authors of selected films must provide:

• a high-definition copy of the film for the festival screening (in order to better manage the subtitling process, the required video file format is .mp4: if a .mp4 file will not be provided, the festival retains the right to recode the file format);

• a timecoded dialogue list (preferred format: .srt; if the dialogue list will not be provided, the short film shall be deemed ineligible for the competition);

• a high-resolution still from the film, a brief synopsis, and a full-credits list to be used for the festival catalogue.