John Butler’s The Stag to open the 7th edition of the festival

John Butler‘s The Stag will open the 7th edition of Irish Film Festa: The Stag was screened at the last Torino Film Festival in the Festa Mobile/Europop section and will open in Irish cinemas on March 7th.

The film stars Andrew Scott, Hugh O’Conor, Peter McDonald, Brian Gleeson, Andrew Bennett, Michael Legge and Amy Huberman.

The Stag poster

Fionnan is busy organizing his own wedding, but he would rather do without the usual stag party. However, his fiancée Ruth insists and so Fionnan and his long-time friends get ready to spend a relaxing weekend in the Irish countryside. Or at least that is the plan, which does not include the presence of Ruth’s brother, known by all as “the Machine.” His dominating personality and his talent for seeking out danger to prove his masculinity transform the weekend into a decidedly unforgettable adventure.

John Butler (Dublin), director and writer, directed commercials and documentaries before collaborating with Rory Bresnihan on the short George, which was nominated for the Irish Film and Television Awards in 2005. He won this award in 2011 for directing the TV series Your Bad Self. That same year the publishing house Picador published his debut novel The Tenderloin, nominated for the Irish Book Awards. The Stag is his first feature-length fiction.

Irish Film Festa will take splace from March 27th to 30th at the Casa del Cinema in Roma.