Northern Ireland, 2021

Director: Stephen Fingleton; screenplay: Ben Conway; cinematography: David Bird; production design: Kielan McRoberts; editing: Mark Towns; music: Phil Kieran; producers: Paul Kennedy, Jon Silk; production company: Village Films. Irish location: Belfast

Running time: 97’

With Moe Dunford, Lily-Rose Depp, Paddy Considine, Eileen Walsh, Fionn O’Shea, Lola Petticrew, Martin McCann, Helen Behan, Stuart Graham, Terry Notary


A real time one shot thriller set on the midnight streets of Belfast. Small-time dealer Budge tries to pull one last deal with cash borrowed from a dangerous loan shark. When the handover goes catastrophically wrong, Budge finds himself in a race against time to get a new buyer before the loan shark tracks him down


Stephen Fingleton is a writer-director from Northern Ireland. Born in Derry, he studied English Literature at University College London and began shooting his first films with the UCLU Film Society, whose alumni include Christopher Nolan. After he graduated Stephen wrote scripts and made guerilla short films while working outside the industry. His first short, SLR (2013), starring Liam Cunningham, was shortlisted for an Oscar. Realized after another short (Magpie, 2014, starring Martin McCann) his first feature The Survivalist (IFF 2016) received several awards including a BAFTA nomination. Nightride, shot in Belfast during the 2020 lockdown, is his second feature.