IFF 11 | Gabriel Byrne’s Message

The 11th IRISH FILM FESTA hosted a tribute to Gabriel Byrne, screening Into the West (1992, Mike Newell), as this year’s Irish Classic, and the new documentary My Astonishing Self: Gabriel Byrne on George Bernard Shaw directed by Gerry Hoban.

Gabriel Byrne couldn’t attend IRISH FILM FESTA, but he sent us this lovely message:


To Rome and the Irish Film Festa:

Into The West was a passion project for me. I think it is a profound film about grief, loss and redemption.

It is not afraid to ask questions about the complexity of life and death, and it is a totally honest story which never talks down or is patronising to the children. It is a film I am enormously proud of and thank you for screening it.

I had the most wonderful time filming our Shaw documentary with Gerry. I’m also very proud of our collaboration.

It made audiences aware of where a great mind can lead us, and gives us perspective on the many issues – political and social – that he examined and commented on and that we still experience today.

Thank you for the honour of hosting our film.

In gratitude