No Party for Billy Burns

No Party for Billy Burns - Irish Film Festa 2018

Ireland, 2017

Director/writer: Padraig Conaty; cinematography: Tommy Fitzgerald; editing: Phil Ronaye; production and costume design: Siobhan Cassidy; producer: Lisa McNamee; production company: Whinbush Films; Irish location: Arva, Co. Cavan; running time: 86’

Cast: Kevin McGahern, Sonya O’Donoghue, Charlie McGuinness, Shane Connaughton, Seamus O’Rourke



Scarred by a tragedy in his youth, Billy never quite grew into adulthood. He is a simple good natured lad and would-be-cowboy lost in the lonely fields of Cavan and his own imagination, and leads a sheltered existence living with his grandfather. Despite being mocked around the town for not being ‘half solid’, he happily ambles around and works for the local ranchers, saving his money for a trip up to the big city. But an unfortunate chain of events triggers Billy’s loss of innocence, where the lines between reality and fantasy begin to blur.



Born and raised in Loch Gowna in County Cavan, Padraig Conaty holds a diploma in Animation from Dun Laoghaire College of Art but subsequently became more fascinated by live action filmmaking. Since 2008, he has been employed as a freelance cinematographer and camera assistant on various productions in Ireland and having received a FETAC certificate in Cinematography from Ballyfermot College of Further Education in 2010, he has dedicated himself to the craft of film-making, working on shorts, features, television programmes, documentaries and music videos. In 2012 Padraig directed the short Autumn Elegy which won the Audience Award and the Jury Award at the Clones 48 Hour festival. No Party for Billy Burns is his first feature film, followed by the short You’re Not a Man at All.