In View

In View - Irish Film Festa

Ireland, 2016

Director: Ciarán Creagh; screenplay: Ciarán Creagh; cinematography: Dave Grennan;editing: Tony Cranstoun; music: Denis Clohessy; production design: Mark Kilbride; costumes: Tricia Monk; producers: Dave Byrne, Simon Doyle, Ciarán Creagh; production companies: Fail Safe Films, Underground Cinema; Irish location: Kildare; running time: 93’

Cast: Caoilfhionn Dunne, Ciaran McMenamin, Stuart Graham, Gerard McSorley, Maria McDermottroe, Tristan Heanue, John A. Murphy, Joe Mullins



In View follows Ruth, an Irish cop, as she nears the end of a long process of grieving for the loss of her baby and husband, and ultimately herself. Ruth’s depression and alcoholism manifest in manic extremes of passivity and anger, indifference and violence. Two camps comprise Ruth’s closest – yet still distant – circle: those who blame and those who forgive. Yet Ruth cannot see beyond her worst critic: herself. Eventually her unyielding guilt forces Ruth to confront her past mistakes and choose a path toward redemption.