Mammal - Irish Film Festa

Ireland, 2015

Director: Rebecca Daly; screenplay: Rebecca Daly, Glenn Montgomery; cinematography: Lennart Verstegen; editin: Halina Daugird; music: Rutger Reinders; production design: Audrey Hernu; costumes: Uli Simon; producers: Macdara Kelleher, Conor Barry; production companies: Fastnet Films, Calach Films, Rinkel Films; Irish location: Dublin, Wicklow; running time: 100’

Cast: Rachel Griffiths, Barry Keoghan, Michael McElhatton



Margaret lives a determinedly quiet life in a nondescript corner of Dublin; middle-aged and divorced, she owns a second-hand store, with little social life save for solitary trips to the local swimming pool. Her self-imposed isolation ends when she receives a phone call from ex-husband Matt telling her the son she abandoned in infancy, now a teenager, has gone missing, news which coincides with her decision to give shelter to Joe, a homeless boy she finds beaten up outside her house.