Michael Collins

michael-collins (2)

Ireland / UK / USA, 1996 – Irish Classic

Director: Neil Jordan; screenplay: Neil Jordan; cinematography: Chris Menges; editing: J. Patrick Duffner, Tony Lawson; music: Elliot Goldenthal; production design: Anthony Pratt; costumes: Sandy Powell; casting: Suzie Figgis; producer: Stephen Woolley; co-producer: Redmond Morris; production company: Warner Bros Pictures Inc.;running time: 143’

Cast: Liam Neeson, Julia Roberts, Aidan Quinn, Alan Rickman, Stephen Rea, Ian Hart, Charles Dance, Brendan Gleeson, Stuart Graham, Gerard McSorley, Jim Sheridan, Tom Murphy, Owen Roe, Sean McGinley, Ian McElhinney, Jonathan Rhys-Myers



Dublin, 1916: the rebels of the Easter Rising surrender, Michael Collins, Harry Boland and Eamon De Valera are amongst them. De Valera is imprisoned but Collins and Boland, believed to be relatively minor figures within the Irish Volunteers are released after a few months.
With De Valera in prison, Collins becomes the de facto military leader of the Irish Volunteers whilst also campaigning for the political party Sinn Fein. He decides that the organisation will henceforth adopt a strategy of using guerrilla tactics in fighting the British. At the same time, he and Harry Boland compete for the favours of Kitty Kiernan.

In loving memory of Alan Rickman (1946 – 2016)