The Break Ken Williams, Denis Fitzpatrick, 2014
Prod. Gavin Carton – 22 min.
It’s post-economic-crash Ireland. To protect his two sons from the onslaught of calls and bills, Tim has taken the family to the beach for a break. But have they outstayed their welcome?

Coma Ian Lawton, 2013
Prod. Ian Lawton – 5 min.
Yet another short film that begins with an alarm going off and a guy waking up…
Made on an iPhone 4s.

Ghost Train Lee Cronin, 2013
Prod. John Keville, Ulla Simonen – 16 min.
Once a year, estranged brothers Michael and Peter make a reluctant pilgrimage to the old fairground where their friend Sam went missing three decades ago.

The Good Word Stuart Graham, 2014
Prod. Paul Kennedy – 21 min.
Ivan Cutler is a man on a mission: he spreads the good word throughout the townlands of Ireland in the 1950s.

I’ve Been a Sweeper Ciarán Dooley, 2014
Prod. Mark Holland – 12 min.
The film follows the Sweeper through his final day of life as he sweeps the floors of Dublin’s pubs, telling us about how his unique career has benefited his happiness.

Keeping Time Steve Woods, 2014
Prod. Steve Woods – 11 min.
A modern power station worker dances in a circle of warriors combining traditional moves with modern dance.

The Measure of a Man Ruth Meehan, 2012
Prod. Tamsin Lyons – 12 min.
A young man struggles to come to terms with the death of his father as he gets fitted for his first suit.

Novena Anna Rodgers, 2013
Prod. Anna & Hugh Rodgers – 18 min.
Dundalk, Ireland: a documentary capturing a rare moment when two people who are gay and lesbian, are invited to give a speech at a Catholic mass.

Rúbaí Louise Ní Fhiannachta, 2013
Prod. Gemma O’Shaughnessy – 11 min.
As her classmates prepare for their First Holy Communion, Rúbaí announces that she is an atheist and refuses to participate.

The Weather Report Paul Murphy, 2014
Prod. Deirdre de Grae – 5 min.
A mysterious phone call which questions a routine weather report by a lighthouse keeper leads his wife to question more than just the weather report.

The Jury
EMANUELA MARTINI, Torino Film Festival director
EMILIANO LIUZZI, journalist (Fatto Quotidiano)
AINE O’HEALY, Professor at Loyola Marymount University, LA



Anya Damien O’Connor, 2014
Prod. Edel Byrne – 5 min.
A five minute animated short film charting twenty years in the life of a Russian orphan.

Deadly Aidan McAteer, 2014
Prod. Shannon George – 9 min.
Deadly tells the story of Boney, a working stiff who doesn’t care about his dead-end job. That is, until he has a run-in with a spirited old lady named Bridie…

The Duel Alex Sherwood, Ben Harper, Sean Mullen, 2013
Prod. Gareth Lee, Daniel Spencer – 5 min.
Two wizards duel in the efforts to get a book.

The Ledge End of Phil Paul Ó Muiris, 2013
Prod. Pearse Cullinane – 6 min.
Stuck outside looking in, Phil is forced to face the world he’s been ignoring. Now he must take a leap of faith or be trapped forever.

Somewhere Down The Line Julien Regnard, 2014
Prod. Jonathan Clarke – 10 min.
A man’s life, loves and losses are shown through the exchanges he has with the passengers in his car.

The Jury
THOMAS MARTINELLI, journalis and DOCartoon director
KAY McKARTHY, musician