Patrick’s Day

Patrick's Day

Ireland, 2014

Director: Terry McMahon; screenplay: Terry McMahon; cinematography: Michael Lavelle; editing: Emer Reynolds; music: Ray Harman; production design: Emma Lowney; producers: Tim Palmer, Rachel Lysaght; production company: Ignition Film; Irish location: Dublin, Wicklow; running time: 99’

Cast: Kerry Fox, Moe Dunford, Philip Jackson, Catherine Walker



Patrick is a warm, open, twenty-six-year-old young man. He is also schizophrenic. But with the help of prescription pills and the protection of his mother, Maura, he is no threat to himself or anybody else. Until he falls in love.
An unflinching drama told with pathos and daring provocation, Patrick’s Day helps us remember that when it comes to love, we’re all a little crazy.