I Can’t See You Anymore Michael Kinirons (2012)
Prod. Blinder Films, 14’
Having woken up from a coma after an accident, psychotherapist Aidan Clifford is forced to confront the consequences of his own actions.

Mechanic Tom Sullivan, Feidlim Cannon (2013)
Prod. Tom Sullivan, Siun O’Connor, Derek O’Connor, 15’
A mechanic fixes up an old car and drives into the Dublin Mountains to end his life, but old age catches up with him…

Morning Cathy Brady (2012)
Prod. Cathy Brady, 20’
Mary wakes up on the sofa with a banging headache. Her morning routine is broken by a persistent reporter.

Nocturne Passage Amy-Joyce Hastings (2013)
Prod. Amy-Joyce Hastings, 9’
Do the dead dream? A young artist fights to hold on to her sanity in the wake of a devastating event.

Off Your Trolley Terence White (2011)
Prod. Myriad Dance, 6’
Six teenagers, a shopping trolley, mayhem.

Stolen Yvonne Keane (2013)
Prod. Epic Productions, 12’
A young girl awakens in strange house being held captive by a mysterious couple. After repeated attempts to foil her escape, they decide it’s too risky to keep her.

The Daisy Chain Denis Fitzpatrick, Ken Williams (2013)
Prod. Stanley’s Deathpark, 5’
A small film about flowers, childhood and looking back, set in the West Cork town of Schull and narrated by Fiona Shaw.

The Girl John Hayes (2012)
Prod. Green Sky Production, 16’
An emotionally fragile English woman moves to the west of Ireland with her husband to try to move on with her life after a series of devastating miscarriages. When she encounters a mysterious stray young girl, her maternal instincts rise to the surface… but is the child a gift or a curse?

Tidings Greg Colley (2013)
Prod. Greg Colley, 14’
Following a society of six female poets, Tidings reveals their approaches to reminiscing and thoughts of life in their later years.

Volkswagen Joe Brian Deane
Prod. Belturbet Drama Society, Technowolf Films, 30’
Northern Ireland 1981 – faced with an impossible decision a conflicted mechanic living in a border town will be forced to make a choice that will change his life forever.



After You Damien O’Connor (2012)
Prod. Steve Woods, 7’
60 years in the life of a Dublin doorman.

Fear of Flying Conor Finnegan (2012)
Prod. Lovely Productions, 9’
A small bird with a fear of flying tries to avoid heading South for the winter.

Irish Folk Furniture Tony Donoghue (2012)
Prod. Mayfly Films, 8’
An animated documentary about repair and recycling in an Irish village.

Learning to Fish Teemu Auersalo (2012)
Prod. Nicky Gogan, 4’
When the summer is over, the urban seagull has to learn to catch fish.

Two Wheels Good Barry Gene Murphy
Prod. John Kelleher, 9’
Four inspiring veterans of the open road reflect upon a lifetime in the saddle.