Made in Belfast

Made in Belfast

Northern Ireland / France, 2013

Director: Paul Kennedy; screenplay: Paul Kennedy; cinematography: Kevin Treacy; editing: Brian Philip Davis; music: Justin Young; casting: Gillian Reynold; producers: Paul Kennedy, Stuart Graham, Louise Gallagher, Mark Butler; production company: KGB FIlms; Irish location: Belfast; running time: 85’

Cast: Ciarán McMenamin, Shauna McDonald, Tara Lynn O’Neill, Shaun Blaney, Owen McDonnell, Paul Kennedy, Bronagh Gallagher, Lalor Roddy, Stuart Graham.



In a city he barely recognises from the one he left, Jack Kelly has one weekend to try to and put right a lot of things he did wrong before he left years ago. His first novel, Made in Belfast, was a critical and commercial success – there was only one problem: it exposed the private lives and innermost secrets of his close friends and family, and none of them have spoken to him since he ran away.