Bernadette – Notes on a Political Journey


Ireland, 2011 – Documentary

Director: Lelia Doolan; cinematography: Joe Comerford; editing: Gordon Bruic; music: Hugh Doolanproducers: Lelia Doolanproduction company: Digital Quilts; running time: 93’

Cast: Bernadette Devlin McAliskey



Bernadette Devlin first exploded into the public arena in 1969. At 21, she was a veteran of the Battle of Bogside. Described as an Irish Joan of Arc and a mini-skirted Castro, she won the mid-Ulster by-election, the youngest woman ever elected at Westminster. Rebellious, awkward and contrary – impeccable character traits inherited from her mother – she has engaged in the cause of civil rights as a feminist, republican and socialist for the past forty years. In 1981 she survived an assassination attempt.
Made over a period of nine years, this is a full-length documentary film on her work and ideas.