KEYS TO THE CITY – Special Screening


Sunday December 9th at 5.30pm, Volonté screening room, special screening of Keys to the City, original version without subtitles. The actress Una Kavanagh will be at the screening.

Set in full recession Dublin, the film confronts the subject of desperation, touching the stories of three different groups of people, cut to shreds by the current economic situation, and their forlorn choices in trying to find redemption.

Keys to the City, shot with a Red camera, a small crew of 16 and a reduced budget, assumes an innovative approach to tell its tale – 3 writers, 3 directors, 3 intertwining stories, 3 weeks in shooting.

This is the first feature produced under the auspices of the MSc Digital Feature Film Production, film course born out of the collaboration between Dublin Filmbase and the Staffordshire University in the UK.

The students worked together with renown Irish directors Conor Horgan (One Hundred Mornings), Conor McDermottroe (SwanSong) and James Fair (The Ballad of Des&Mo) for the drafting of the story, and producer John Wallace (Dollhouse, Rewind) helped out with production issues.

The MSc course has been developed last year to answer the emerging need to train young film makers to the challenge of producing features through new digital formats.