Some Mother’s Son

Ireland, USA, 1996

Director: Terry George; screenplay: Terry George, Jim Sheridan; cinematography: Geoffrey Simpson; editing: Craig McKay; production design: David Wilson; costumes: Joan Bergin; music: Bill Whelan; producers: Jim Sheridan, Arthur Lappin, Ed Burke; production companies: Hell’s Kitchen Productions, Castle Rock Entertainment; Irish location: Co. Dublin; running time: 112’

Cast: Helen Mirren, Fionnuala Flanagan, Aidan Gillen, David O’Hara, Tom Hollander, Gerard McSorley, John Lynch, Ciarán Hinds, Bosco Hogan, Jer O’Leary



Based on the 1981 Hunger Strikes, the film follows the dilemma facing two mothers as they face up to the imminent deaths of their hunger- striking sons.