Saving the Titanic

Ireland, Germany, 2012Docu-drama

Director: Maurice Sweeney; screenplay: Lyall Watson, Colin Heber Percy; cinematography: Richard Kendrick; editing: Mick Mahon; production design: Ray Ball; music: Steve Lynch; producer: Stephen Rooke; production company: Tile Films; running time: 90’

Cast: David Wilmot, Ciaràn McMenamin, Owen McDonnell, Hugh O’Conor, Andrew Simpson, Jonathan Byrne. Narrator: Liam Cunningham



She was the pride of the British Empire. A leading example of state-of-the-art engineering in a time of groundbreaking scientific and technological innovations on a global scale: the RMS Titanic. Yet she sank in less than three hours after striking an iceberg on 14th April 1912. We all know about the many deaths in the icy waters, the fates of the rich and famous on the ship’s maiden voyage and the dramas that played out in the Titanic’s last hours. What is less known however is how a team of shipbuilders and engineers attempted to save the stricken vessel. In the centenary year of the sinking, Saving the Titanic tells a poignant story of self-sacrifice by the Titanic’s engineers, stokers and firemen in the face of impending death. Narrated by leading Irish actor Liam Cunningham and based upon eye-witness accounts.