Life as an Interface (special screening)

Northern Ireland, 2012 Documentary

Director: Laurence McKeown; screenplay: Laurence McKeown; cinematography: Barry Curran; editing: Barry Curran; Irish location: Belfast; running time: 75’



The Skegoneill Glandore Common Purpose (SGCP) project sits on an interface between Skegoneill and Glandore in North Belfast. It has no ‘peace wall’ to separate communities yet contains the same mix of population that in other areas has meant the erection of a wall, many of which have gone up “post peace process”.
The chair of Skegoneill Glandore Common Purpose is an American woman now resident in the area and has worked in community development in Belfast for many years; the vice-chair is a former loyalist life-sentence prisoner; two of the staff recently employed are from a republican background. All are committed to ensuring the success of the project. And all have their own lives outside of the project.