IrishFilmFesta and Legambiente for the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl – The Door, special screenin

Tuesday, April 26th 2001, to mark the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl’s nuclear disaster, IrishFilmFesta and Legambiente organize a special screening of the short The Door, written and directed by Juanita Wilson.

2009 Academy Award nominee and winner of several festivals – IrishFilmFesta among them – The Door will be screened at the bookshop Rinascita, in via Savoia, Rome.

Here’s the complete program of the event

The Door by Juanita Wilson best short film at IrishFilmFesta 2010

The short film jury, chaired by Italian producer Gianluca Arcopinto and formed by Franco Biciocchi (photographer) Stefano Coccia (film critic), Amal Kaoua (Second Secretary Embassy of Ireland) and Alessandro Maresca (film director) has awarded the prize for Best Short Film to “The Door” (Juanita Wilson, 2008).
The jury has also given two special mentions to:”Her Mother’s Daughters” (Oonagh Kearney, 2010) and “Paperman” (Richard Kelly, 2010)