Director: Joel Conroy; screenplay: Joel Conroy, Lauren Davies; cinematography: Daniel Trapp; editing: Nathan Nugent, Douglas Moxon; narrator: Cillian Murphy; producer: Margo Harkin; production company: Besom Productions, Inís Films; Irish location: Donegal, Sligo, Clare; duration: 80’.

Cast: Richard Fitzgerald, Gabe Davies, Kelly Slater, Kevin Naughton, Chris, Keith & Dan Malloy, John McCarthy, Andy Hill, Easkey Britton.


Son of an Hawaiian mother and Irish father George Freeth (1883-1919), was responsible for the rebirth of surfing in the early nineteen hundreds.  Freeth sent a wave of influence around the world that would eventually return to the shores of Ireland.  Waveriders follows this journey, returning full-circle to Ireland to culminate in a dramatic, final sequence.



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