Director: Rupert Wyatt; screenplay: Rupert Wyatt, Daniel Hardy; cinematography: Philipp Blaubach; editing: Joe Walker; production design: Jim Furlong; costume design: Maeve Paterson; music: Benjamin Wallfish; casting: Tamara Gillon; producers: Adrian Sturges, Alan Moloney; production company: Parallel Films, Picture Farm;  Irish location: Dublin; duration: 100’.

Main cast: Brian Cox, Joseph Fiennes, Liam Cunningham, Dominic Cooper, Steven Mackintosh


Frank Perry is a lifer; in prison for the rest of his natural borndays. He’s never had a problem with that: he did the crime; he’ll do the time. Until now. He receives a letter telling him that his only and much loved daughter is critically ill following an overdose. Frank knows that he must see her and to do that he’ll have to escape. But he can’t do it alone.



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