Director: Urszula Antoniak; screenplay: Urszula Antoniak; cinematography: Daniel Bouquet; editing: Nathalie Alonso Casale; art direction: Jane English; costume design: Bho Roosterman – Vroegen; music: Ethan Rose; producers: Edwin van Meurs, Reiner Selen; co-producers: Macdara Kelleher, Morgan Bushe, Floor Onrust,  Sanna Fabery de Jonge; production company: Rinkel Film, Family Affair Film, Fastnet Film, VPRO; Irish location: Galway; duration: 85 ’

Main cast: Stephen Rea, Lotte Verbeek


She is a young Dutch woman, who becomes a vagabond by choice and finds the solitude she was looking for in an austere landscape of Irish Connemara. He is an old man who lives a solitary life in a secluded house in Ireland. She is radical and uncompromising. He is wise and ironic.  
He proposes her to work for him in exchange of food. She agrees but on one condition: there will be no personal contact between them, just work. Their simple life follows the cycle of days and nights, work and rest but slowly brings the two of them closer to each other. Who will be the first one to break the deal and admit the personal interest?



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