Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel; screenplay: Guy Hibbert; cinematography: Ruairi O’Brien; editing: Hans Funck; production design: Mark Lowry; costume design: Maggie Donnelly; music: David Holmes, Leo Abrahams; casting: Georgia Simpson; producers: Eoin O’Callaghan, Stephen Wright; production company: Big Fish Productions, Ruby Films; Irish location: Down; duration: 85’.

Main cast: Liam Neeson , James Nesbitt


Two Ulstermen; one a murderer, the other the brother of the man he killed. Since 1975 each of these two men has lived in dread of encountering the other. One, Alistair, feels he dare not ask forgiveness, the other, Joe, feels incapable of giving it. When they do eventually meet, something extraordinary happens – something that will change the rest of their lives. Based on a true story.



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