Director: Lance Daly; screenplay: Lance Daly; cinematography: Jake Corbitt, Lance Daly, David Grennan; editing: J. Patrick Duffner; production design: Waldemar Kalinowski; costume design: Leonie Prendergast; music: Go Blimps Go; casting: Nick McGinley; producer: Macdara Kelleher, Lance Daly; production company: Fastnet Films; Irish location: Dublin; duration: 75’

Cast: Kelly O’Neill, Shane Curry, Paul Roe, Neilí Conroy, David Bendito, Cathy Malone, Stephen Rea


Two ten-year-old kids, Dylan and Kylie, run away from dysfunctional homes into the streets of inner city Dublin. Their new-found freedom turns sour when the darker side of Dublin’s nightlife starts to emerge. They will need more than everyday luck if they are to make it through to the morning



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